Enjoy Virtual Market

Virtual Market 2022 Winter is an international festival in VR where you can buy and sell all kinds of items such as avatars and 3D data. You can join the event for free on either VRChat venue or web browser venue, the latter being developed with HIKKY's proprietary metaverse engine Vket Cloud.

How to enter

The venues of Vket2022 Winter can be accessed from web browsers on your smartphones and PCs. * wi-fi connection is recommended.

Open the Vket Cloud browser venue from the link on this website and dive into the venue!

How to control

1. Choose the world

Open the browser venue and choose the world you'd enter. Read through and agree to Terms of Use and Privacy policy, then click "ENTER".

Once the loading is finished, press Start to jump into the VR Space.

How to enter the same room

When you want to enter the same room with others, the one already in the room needs to obtain the Room URL. Open the setting window from the gear mark on the top right. Tap Room URL on the top bar to obtain the URL. Share this Room URL with others, who can then enter the same room by loading the URL from their browsers.

In case the URL doesn’t work properly, try the URL on the URL bar of your browser instead.

2. Control inside VR space

Keyboard control

WASD keys
Rotate the camera
Left click and drag

Smartphones and tablets

Press the panel to control with the virtual joystick
Rotate the camera
Spread and pinch

Furthermore, you may communicate with other visitors with your voice or text. Tap the hand icon to let your avatar take a pose.

Also, by using the button next to the gear on the top right, you can change the viewpoint.

Go around the world with your avatar with the third-person view, or take a good look at the booths with the first-person view!

When you find something interesting, you can take screenshots with the camera button.


The setting window can be opened by selecting the gear button on the top right. You can change avatar, visit different worlds, and adjust the sound volume.

Choose your avatar that will be displayed as yourself in the VR space. Please select the one you like and enjoy the world! The Display Name bar on the bottom allows you to change your name appearing in the VR space.

The control instruction is also available in the setting window. (It may take a longer time for loading depending on your internet connectivity.)

System Requirements


A computer that supports web browsers such as Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge.


Apple iPhone
iPhone X or later iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later Note: The service does not support iPhone 7/iPhone 8 or earlier.
Android 11 or later RAM: 8GB or more For Google Pixel series, Pixel 5 or later

※Due to heavy internet usage we recommend a flat-rate connection. ※We do not guarantee that the service will work on all models meeting the above specifications. ※Please note that the service may not be adequately run depending on the usage conditions of your device or the connection environment. ※If you experience heavy lag or significant frame rate drop, please check if your browser's "Hardware Acceleration" setting is activated.


  • This event permits photographing and streaming by individuals and media. Please consent beforehand that you may unexpectedly appear in these photos and videos. If you want to avoid such appearances for sure, please use the private world of the VRChat or the Vket Cloud.
  • Please do not visit the event in illegal, unlicensed and/or avatars against public order and morality.
  • Please refrain from annoying or unwelcome behaviors.