List of Participatory events

Information is always updated! Information is also available on our official SNS!

  • VRC Boxing Tournament Season Finale -GRAND SLAM- in Vket2022Winter

    VRC Boxing Tournament
    -GRAND SLAM- in Vket2022Winter
    2022.12.11(日) It will be held!

    ──Decide who is the "strongest" in the Metaverse──

    Boxing Championship in VR Space
    The largest boxing tournament will be held this winter!

    VRChat venue/Youtube

  • EchoVR Okamura-ELECOM Cup in Vket

    EchoArena JAPAN Creators✕ Vket Collaboration!

    EchoArena JAPAN Creators, a creative group organized by EchoArena players, and Vket will collaborate again!

    EchoVR Okamura-Elecom Cup in Vket" will be held on December 13!
    Exhibition Match & Live Music !

  • "YAL" World Box -Vket 2022 winter collection-

    YAL, a virtual travel agency, and Vket collaborate!

    Having trouble choosing a "destination" on VRChat?
    YAL" will suggest travel destinations in a special area at VketPlaza Natural-Deco!

    Enjoy your journey to new destinations with Vket Plaza!

  • HOTEL QADESH in VletPlaza

    Movie-style RP event "HOTEL QADESH" and
    Vket2022Winter collaborates!

    The venue "VketPlaza -Express Mode-" will have a QADESH movie theater!
    A special exhibition will be held!

  • LPD × Vket Patrolling in Thetherford

    Come on down to thetherford to interact with the Loli Police Department in engaging improv roleplay scenarios!

    On the dates listed above we will be patrolling around and staging scenarios for everyone to engage with. Everything is completely improv, so come and watch the show or join in and help the bad guys!

    2022/12/3 14:00 EST
    2022/12/7 06:00 EST
    2022/12/13 15:00 EST
    2022/12/16 15:00 EST

  • Guild Yadorigi × Vket

    Guild Yadorigi Hosted "Quest Ordering World Tour" Event✨

    Receive "Quests" and complete them in the Vket2022Winter world.

    If you complete a certain amount of quests, you may get a "reward"⁉

  • Winterland 2022

    Welcome to Winterland 2022. Come meet other creators and booth creators while dancing the night away to the fellow VRChat DJs who volunteered their time to join us in the alternate World.

    17th CST: 10PM - 4AM
    17th ET: 11PM - 5AM
    17th PT: 8PM - 2AM
    18th GMT: 3AM - 9AM
    18th JST: 12PM - 6PM
    18th AEDT: 2PM - 8PM

    We also have a big battle event with the team from IDA to end the night with their fire moves. Battling it all out in a one on one dance battle with DJ Charma Djing for the battle.