Official 3D Goods Shop

Vket2022Winter Official 3D Goods now on sale!

In this store, we are selling official Vket 3D goods that you can only get here, mainly 3D models that are unique to each world! Let's enjoy Vket even more by getting official 3D goods!

Let's carve your names on the Vket!

With the Vket2022 Winter Monument Plan, you can have your name engraved on a stone monument that will be placed in the world after re-publication! Would you like to have your name engraved on a page of the history of the virtual market? Limited availability until the closing!

Don't miss the official "real" goods!

Let's bring the "virtual" into the real world! In addition to 3D goods, official real goods of "Vket2022 Winter" is released!

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