Virtual Market 2022 Winter

Schedule 2022.12.3 SAT 10:00 - 2022 12.18.SUN 23:00 JST
入場無料 / For free
Virtual Market 2022 Winter has finished. Thank you for your participation!


About Virtual Market

What is Virtual Market? It's the largest market festival virtual reality has to offer, where users can buy and sell 3D items/avatars, as well as real-world products like food, clothing, and PCs.
The event sees over a million visitors from around the world and even holds multiple Guinness World Records™.

* A Guinness World Records™ was achieved for having "most booths at a virtual reality market event".

How to enjoy

How to enjoy Virtual Market

flowchart flowchart
  • What you can do in the web browser venues

    - See the corresponding company booths. - See the general web browser venues.

    General | Web BrowserCheck the tags!

    Company worlds will be listed once the event starts.

  • What you do in the Quest venues

    - Dive into the Quest compatible general worlds in VR.

    General | Quest(VRChat)Check the tags!

  • What you can do in the PC desktop mode

    - See the company worlds. - See the general worlds.

    Company | PC(VRChat) General | PC(VRChat) General | Quest(VRChat)Check the tags!

  • What you can do in the PC VR mode

    - Dive into the company and general worlds in VR.

    Company | PC(VRChat) General | PC(VRChat) General | Quest(VRChat)Check the tags!


  • Lack of PC spec or low internet connection may hinder the enjoyment of the event.
  • Web browser venues and VRChat venues are not compatible with multiplayer.
  • Some VRChat PC venues cannot be entered with only MetaQuest.
  • Some campaigns and events are held only in some of the venues.

What is VRChat?

An app which you can log in with your avatar into the Metaverse and hang out with tons of people. VRChat can be played on a Windows PC or MetaQuest.

Vket Stamp Rally Conquest



Virtual Market 2022 Winter Official Shop

  • 公式3Dグッズ / Official Digital products Coming Soon
  • 公式リアルグッズ / Official Physical products


Held at

  • Experiences in VRChat
  • Vket Cloud


Virtual Market 2022 Winter Theme

Next Journey

We have been in an era where the internet enables us to connect with each other and access almost anything.
A mere swipe of a finger allows us to dive into the sea of information on a tiny screen.

But now, we are in the era of Metaverse, a spatial web.
A blink of an eye won't just grant us the passage to information, but a journey through space.

"Just went to Europe yesterday."
"Maybe today I'll try America."

It may seem surreal.
It may seem like something from a fantasy novel.
Not anymore. This is exactly what we're starting to hear.

Let us jump into this new era.

Next Journey, Vket.

the line of airmail the line of airmail


  • 2023/01/20

    All worlds other than corporate worlds are now Public again! Memory tablets are added to the Entrances.

  • 2022/12/17

    Vket2022 Winter has closed. Thank you for your participation!

  • 2022/12/03

    The issue of Twitter button and Catalog button not functioning in browser venue Avatar Carousel has been fixed. We apologize for the trouble.

  • 2022/12/03

    Parareal Nagoya world has been published after a temporary unavailablity.

  • 2022/12/02

    Vket2022 Winter has opened! See here for how to visit!

  • 2022/12/02

    Would you answer the visitor survey? We are seeking your valuable feedback!

  • 2022/12/02

    Parareal Nagoya world is not yet available due to issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • 2022/12/02

    The Avatar Carousel world in the browser venue seem to have the issue of the Twitter button and Catalog button not working. We deeply apologize for the problem.

  • 2022/11/23

    The catalog page has been released! Look for the booths you want to visit!

  • 2022/11/23

    The event page is released! Check the schedule of streams and events!

  • 2022/09/12

    Exhibitor application has closed. Thank you for the many signups!

  • 2022/08/28

    Vket2022 Winter exhibitor application has started! Sign up by September 12 JST: 11:59 pm, UTC: 2:59 pm, EST: 10:59 am!

  • 2022/08/28

    Vket2022 Winter Official Discord for exhibitors and visitors is available‼ Join from here.


List of Corporate Exhibitors, IPs, and Artists