Web Submission Rules

A. Item rules

  • The exhibit should be in VRM format.
  • The exhibit will be placed in the space of width 2m, height 2m and depth 2m.
  • Polygon limit: Not larger than 20,000 polygons
  • Material limit: Up to 4
  • Number of texture files: no limit
    • The size of the texture files should be either one of 512x512, 1024x1024 or 2048x2048.
  • File size limit: Not larger than 15.00 MB
  • Upon placement, the item may be rotated by the Y-axis in Unity.
  • Upon placement, the booth will be placed at a location whose coordinates are not (0.0.0)
  • VRM created with VRM-1.0Beta cannot be submitted.

B. Shader rules

Only the following shaders can be used

  • All shaders with VRM support

C. POP image

  • You may submit up to 1 image each for the thumbnail and description.
    These submitted images will be placed in the venue.
  • Set the size of the image to 512×512.
  • The file format of the images must be png.

D. Special note

  • You may choose one of the several poses provided by the organizers upon submission. The VRM will take the selected pose when placed in the venue.